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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Karaoke Night At Country Club Ahmedabad - Water Park

The most trusted family clubs in India, Country Club India has its services augmented by the network of 186 locations across the country, which makes it the largest holiday club of India. Country Club India had been credited with the title of “Biggest Chain of Family Clubs in India” due to its widespread network.

Basically, it grabs any chance to host a celebration. Country Club India offers a huge network of hospitality services and is an exemplary host to numerous events. The Club often organizes events around various types of national and international festivals. This is the reason Country Club is called the "Powerhouse of Entertainment" by its members. The Country Club Vacation India has made a reputation for itself with such events.

Families love Country Club for the kind of customization they provide with holiday packages. The holiday packages are designed as per the members' choices and thus give them an experience to remember.

Summer has almost come to an end. Bid adieu to the season in Country Club style! Country Club Ahmedabad Water Park has arranged for a Karaoke Night, where you can sing to your heart’s content after an exciting day in the water. Hope to see you there.

Food & Beverages are chargeable. Limited seats only.

Details Of The Karaoke Night:
7:00 PM
29th May, 2016
Member Entry Charges:
Guest Entry Charges:
Country Club Water Park